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08 October 2005

Birth Records - Moisei, Maramures, Romania 1866-1867 Published


A friend in Romania just published images of the birth records from Moisei, Maramures, Romania for 1866 and 1867. Part of this area is in Ukraine. Surnames included in this publication are . . .

Belimer, Deszkal, Einhorm, Erdan, Feige, Freiberg, Fruchler, Genuth, Gluk, Gold, Herstik, Indik, Katz, Kreiner, Malek, Polak, Pollak, Sali, Vakar

Enter a search at http://www.familytrackers.com/ if you have someone there. It will return any current matches to your search as well as continue to search any additional items that are added to FamilyTrackers.

Searching and membership are free at FamilyTrackers - but this publication is for sale by the publisher - much lower than the cost to travel there and find the info your self.

The publisher is Marcel Mindrescu, office@mindrescu.com. He is a professional genealogist with access to most of the records in Romania, parts of Hungary, and Moldovia. Thanks to Janos Kocs, another professional located in Romania, for indexing these images.



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